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Oh Entrelac

POSTED BY omega | 27 November 2016 | Design Concept

I've actually posted a comment under the youtube video by the designer asking whether she would consider doing a tutorial on this beast for all to see. No response yet, but I'll keep you all posted for sure.

Entrelac, according to good ole wikipedia, is a "knitting technique used to create a textured diamond pattern. While the end result resembles basket-woven strips of knitted fabric, the actual material comprises interconnected squares on two different orientations."

I've literally tried entrelac three different times without success. It is very frustrating to read a pattern, get to a part you do not understand and have no clue on how to actually knit it.  Hence, why I started my youtube channel.  I try to put out videos to explain things in as much detail as I possibly can because it's important not to assume every knitter, no matter the level, can look at a pattern and understand it. I myself, am a visual learner.  Reading multiple patterns on entrelac, every designer has their own technique and they all believe it's simple enough for the average knitter to comprehend. WRONG!

I'll admit that entrelac is simple in that it involves mere knits and purls, but the technique ain't that sweet.  The designer of the Yvette Entrelac beret, pictured above, states that backward knitting can make it a bit easier to knit up.  She also discusses decrease entrelac, another thing I'd have to learn in order to complete the project.

I plan on conquering the whole "entrelac" thing once and for all this year and all that comes with it.  So rest assure, that once I learn, all of you will too because I'll make sure to do a tutorial.

Stay blessed,