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The Herringbone Stitch!

POSTED BY omega | 27 November 2016 | Design Concept

I recently learned how to do this beautiful exotic stitch pattern and I'm already cooking up a number of patterns to create with it. I'm in love! As a request of one of my subscribers on youtube I've made a tutorial on how to do this stitch.

Upon doing my research on this stitch pattern, I've learned that there are various forms of the herringbone stitch. Here are two I've put on my To Knit List that are quite different, but still the herringbone:

Big Herringbone Cowl by the Purl Bee

Click here for this free pattern.

Herringbone Stitch Pillow by Lion Brand

Click here for this free pattern. There are also tons of various other patterns and variations of the herringbone stitch  found on Ravelry.

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